MAX Association believes the day program, work/employment service system in Pennsylvania must be robust with a full range of options.  MAX supports getting individuals out into community as much as it makes sense and the individual wants that option. Every service option must be available, to truly encompass the spirit of “Everyday Lives”, and keep paramount the specific needs and desires of the individual.

MAX members have fully embraced the spirit of CPS and have diligently moved in the direction of giving everyone who wants to participate in meaningful activities and employment in the community the opportunity to do so. 

With any new system, the first phase is a preliminary period of implementation after which data and feedback should be analyzed to make future improvements to the system.  In the spirit of partnering with ODP to create a best practices model of CPS, MAX would like to provide the following points:

  • MAX members are experiencing an inconsistency among SCOs in terms of approval of variances and cap exceptions for individuals funded through the P/FDS Waiver.  By not approving cap exceptions moving forward, the rights and opportunities of those in service will be negatively impacted. MAX urges ODP to re-evaluate the exceptions system so there is uniformity of variance approvals and cap exceptions from SCOs and regional offices
  • The methodology for rate setting is flawed. This has previously been acknowledged by the department.

MAX urges ODP to re-engage with the provider stakeholders to rectify these flaws.

  • MAX urges ODP to work with the PAR Simplify the System workgroup to address all the complexities of delivering CPS services.
  • Current rate structure creates a barrier for persons with significant medical needs to fully participate in the community.  MAX urges ODP to establish a rate category to address the specific service and staffing needs for individuals who are medically and behavioral challenged
  • Transportation resources are prohibiting some individuals from fully participating in CPS. This is especially true for individuals with complex medical needs requiring the use of a wheelchair van. The recommendation above would allow for additional funds to support all components of service delivery, including increased transportation costs.
  • PFDS waiver caps are prohibiting some individuals from fully participating in CPS to the extent they can and want to.   It is recommended that cap exceptions continue to be accepted as individuals increase their time in the community.

MAX thanks ODP for engaging as a partner with providers in a shared spirit of enthusiasm for creating a

service system that truly embodies “Everyday Lives”.

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