MAX Association [Moving Agencies Towards Excellence] is a regional association of human service providers in Southeast Pennsylvania.  MAX supports the new IBHS proposed regulations and looks forward to having the final form regulation to help inform and guide providers in making the necessary transition.  MAX embraces the elevation of service quality through the additional training, supervision, and credentials that the proposed regulation requires. 

As with any new system, there is a transition period during which all stakeholders are formulating their roles to conform with the new mandates.  In the case of the IBHS, we are currently in that transition period.  In the midst of this service evolution, MAX members are excited about the new opportunities to benefit children who need this service but are also concurrently challenged with a very tight timeline to convert their organization to provide this service. 

MAX would like to partner with the MCOs and county offices to ensure a smooth transition and a stable service structure with best practices as the centerpiece.  For this to happen, careful attention must be focused on preserving and improving access to care and on a rate structure that underpins service sustainability for providers.

MAX Association has established an IBHS Regional Learning Collaborative to bring providers together to strategically plan rollout of IBHS by identifying and resolving challenges and partnering toward solutions.  MAX believes, since all stakeholders will experience changing roles, a coordinated approach with cross bred communication is essential.  We want to support implementation, with well-defined processes and relationships and a clear future vision for this line of service.  MAX has established the IBHS Regional Learning Collaborate to serve this critical purpose. 

We would love to include you, your input, or provide updates to you as providers move forward toward implementation of this critical community service.  Areas where providers have already identified interest in your perspective include: communication to the MAX membership, parents, MCOs, county offices and other stakeholders about anticipated changes, coordination in training of existing BHRS staff to meet new requirements, proposed performance measures, and long-term planning around rate determination.  While these areas are likely only beginning to take shape, MAX would like to offer our support to this work. 

MAX is looking forward to partnering with MCOs toward the systems changes that will improve quality for consumers and support providers toward achieving excellence.

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