Preparing for the Coronavirus by Linke Resources

Preparing for the Coronavirus
 As you may have seen in recent media reports, health and safety concerns have risen throughout the country due to the coronavirus. Some of our clients serve vulnerable populations and are concerned about the health, welfare and safety of their community.  We have been asked for suggestions on how to protect those we serve and those who serve them.

Most importantly, follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. These guidelines are not only important for our employees, but important for those we serve to embrace as well. To be sure your organization is maximizing adherence to these guidelines, I suggest not only educational programs to develop competency, but equally important are spot checks to assess it. The research indicates competency must be assessed via observation and performance, as opposed to verbal behavior.

The CDC recommends several tactics to avoid spreading the coronavirus or any harmful bacteria, including staying home when sick, covering coughs or sneezes with a tissue, and frequently washing hands. Similar to the flu, the coronavirus is spread through surfaces, but it can last for up to 9 days at room temperature. Periodically sanitizing common areas and surfaces can be incredibly helpful.

By following the guidelines from the CDC and making sure your employees and program participants demonstrate competency in these directives, you will add protective measures to the communities we serve.
  George P. Linke, Jr., Psy.D.

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 Pine Run Retirement Community, owned and operated by Doylestown Health, offers a full spectrum of nursing, post-operative, long-term care, and rehabilitation services. Nestled in the heart of Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the beautiful 43-acre campus encompasses historic farmhouses, walking paths, a pond, and nearby Pine Run Creek. The ideal candidate will ensure quality resident care and leadership responsibilities for the Skilled Nursing Facility. Position requires leadership experience as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and experience in developing systems and programs to support the needs of staff and residents within the Pine Run community. 
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