How’s COVID Going For YOU? A SAPNA Event

October 19, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
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Have you been able to get out and do the things you want? Is your provider listening to your ideas? What’s up with the vaccine? Folks from the PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) want to hear from YOU! Only callers with disabilities can share their questions and experiences. Family, staff, and others are welcome to listen and learn.

For video and audio by computer or smartphone, get the passcode from Rita anytime before the event! Call 724 588 2378 or Email The day of the event, go online at then enter the passcode, or join right from our online events calendar at and enter the passcode. Video includes closed captioning.

For just audio on any phone: dial (646) 876 9923, then meeting ID 223 344 5555 ##

For just audio from your smartphone: tap +16468769923,,2233445555# and wait to hear “You are in the meeting now.”

Get your free SAU1 Mask. Call 724 588 2378 or email