2023 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference

2023 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference
November 7 – November 9, 2023

PATC will be conducted virtually for three-days. The schedule includes presentations and panels from subject matter experts, providers, self-advocates, and families. Personal narratives will be interspersed throughout the conference in an effort to highlight the perspective of the individual.This conference offers professionals working directly with children and/or adults with autism the tools, strategies, and resources to provide the most effective support.
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REGISTRATION INFORMATION:Full admission is $10.00 for professionals and allows access to all conference sessions over all three days. Admission is cost-free for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.For additional information about the conference, and access to resources, personal stories, and other features during the conference, please visit this page (www.myodp.org).Registration questions? Email registrations@bridgeconsultingcorp.com