Part 2: Justice-Informed Training for Behavioral Health Staff

September 24, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor-Led Zoom Session
See Registration Form

Registration Form: CJ-MH-Registration-form

Navigating the Criminal Justice System:

Justice-informed Training for Behavioral Health Staff

This training was developed by the Regional Mental Health Services Coordination Office  in collaboration with County Offices of Behavioral Health in the Southeastern Region of  PA. The purpose of this training is to orient behavioral health staff to the criminal justice

system and the experiences of persons with behavioral health challenges who are  involved with that system. The training will provide insight into the perspectives of  professionals in the Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health systems that inform their  understanding and interventions with clients. Participants will be encouraged to develop  reflexivity about their own practice and will learn specific skills for advocacy and  collaboration so that services for behavioral health clients involved in the criminal justice  system are trauma and justice-informed and ultimately, more effective.

This is a three-part series. To receive a certificate, participation including  completion of an evaluation is required for all three sessions.

Dates: 10/5/21 – Video available for viewing

10/12/21 – Instructor-led Zoom session 9:00a – noon  10/19/21 – Instructor-led Zoom session. 9:00a – noon


The training is divided into three parts with options available for additional training and  consultation.

Part I: Introduction and Criminal Justice System Overview:

A 45- minute video to be viewed on your own prior to participation in Parts II and III

Part II: Understanding Perspectives in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health  A 3 hour, didactic and interactive training, virtual format

Part III: Collaboration and Advocacy Skills

A 3 hour, didactic and interactive training, virtual format

Expectations of participants:

~ work in the SE PA region

~ able to commit to uninterrupted participation in all three parts of the training ~ have access to required technology and internet connection

~ submit a registration form (see attached)

~ completed evaluation for each segment

Contact: Mary Gregorio (, Jenny Wyatt ( or  Tory Bright ( for additional information

Who should attend?

Southeast PA regional:

Mental Health Professionals Behavioral Health Staff

FForensic liaisons

Case Managers

Peer Specialists


Agency staff who support  individuals who are involved  with the criminal justice system

Registrations will be confirmed via  email with a link to the Part I video.  Additional materials and zoom link

for instructor-led sessions will be  sent via email upon receipt of the  Part I evaluation


*Overview of CJ system,

*Sequential Intercept Model,

*Best Practices in Collaboration  and Diversion,

Overview of perspectives and  mandates:

*Criminal Justice System

*Behavioral Health


*Trauma informed

*Justice informed,

Conflict resolution,

Collaboration, Advocacy,  Skill development

Format: virtual

Self-paced portion plus

didactic, interactive online, practice scenarios and

resource materials